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The history of Automobiliar Schreiber is inseparably linked to Andreas Schreiber. His enthusiasm for the Isabella and his unceasing search for new cars and spare parts are the driving spirit behind the enterprise.
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Automobiliar Schreiber
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The market for old-timer restorations emerged in the 1990s and has proven to be a growing business segment of the future since the mid-nineties. Automobiliar has been offering its expertise in this field since the very beginning. Having been established in 1995, the company has now been on this market for more than a decade. With every project the company is involved in, its expertise and know-how grows and deepens. Today, there is virtually no Borgward that can do without Schreiber.

Automobiliar Schreiber is proud to count active car enthusiasts amongst their customers. The cars which were manufactured exclusively for this clientele are not mere garage cars, but are in fact in use and are regularly shown at old-timer rallies and motor shows.