Automobiliar Schreiber, Visual

More than a car

Exclusive Borgward restorations

Automobiliar Schreiber is a specialized enterprise which has dedicated its expertise to restoring all kinds of Borgward Isabella vehicles to as-new conditions that are faithful to the original design features.
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Automobiliar Schreiber
Zum Vilssteg 4
D - 84149 Velden
tel +49 (0)8742 965139
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mobile +49 (0)171 6306513
Automobiliar Schreiber

Since 1995, the enterprise has served the old-timer market with its specialized know-how. Today, no Borgward restoration can do without Automobiliar Schreiber.

Borgward Isabella

Borgward Isabella represents the drive of a whole generation. She is the metal-born epitome of the post-war "economic miracle".


Our service offer: complete restoration according to customer requirements and certified conversion into cabriolet according to the standards set by Deutsch.