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Passion for beauty

Borgward Isabella Coupé and Coupé Cabriolet

Restoring Borgward Isabella models of all kinds is our specialty. What started as a hobby has grown into a wealth of profound expert knowledge, technical know-how and a choice network of specialists and specialized workshops.
Borgward Restauration

The restoration of Borgward Isabella Coupé and Coupé Cabriolet models (coupé convertible according to Deutsch) is our domain. We normally don't have any finished vehicles in our "stock", as each and every car is individually revamped according to the customer's wishes.


The cost of restoring a Borgward Isabella Coupé starts at €47,000. We can offer you cars from our stock for restoration according to your individual wishes, carry out the general overhauling work on your Isabella, and support you in all stages of your restoration project. Alternatively, our professional know-how can be put into finishing a job you have started. In addition, we can convert your car into a cabriolet following the authentic procedure of Deutsch.

Investment into the future

The restoration of an automobile classic is not merely a nostalgic reverence for the past. Considering the high quality of cars from the fifties, as well as the old-timers' value stability and gain, it is also a rational investment decision into the future. A newly restored 50-year-old Borgward Isabella could once again be restored to its original condition in fifty years' time, as the construction practices of the fifties are based on high-quality, durable materials which provide the best substance for restoration. Replacement parts which are no longer available today can be reproduced in every detail, for example.