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Cabriolet conversion

Our special know-how is geared towards those rare Borgward Isabella Coupé Cabriolets. We have taken measurements of special car bodies and used them as models for the conversion of a coupé into a cabriolet, or even a saloon model into a cabriolet. Not only do we reproduce the originality and functionality of these rare automobiles right down to the very last detail, we also offer a vast supply of replacement and spare parts for this model.
Isabella Cabriolet Verdeck

A test certificate has been granted by the German TÜV (Automotive GmbH in Garching near Munich), which allows us to perform conversions of the closed body to an open one in compliance with the system developed by Deutsch. The sheet metal parts we use are made in original creased quality. To reproduce the folding top frames, a special manufacturing jig was built and the characteristic side-door screens remanufactured in an elaborate process.


The cost for restoring a Borgward Isabella Coupé starts in the region of €60,000. For this price you will get an exclusive rarity. We hold written confirmation from Karl Deutsch KG stating that as few as around 20 coupés and 500 saloon cars have been converted into cabriolets to date. The waiting time for conversion is approximately one year. From time to time, however, we do offer a finished model for sale. Please do not hesitate to ask us.