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Concours / Exhibitions

We don't restore our cars to be kept in the garage or a museum. Active enthusiasts present their gems at exhibitions, old-timer rallies or a concours d'élégance. Cups, trophies and awards are the reward for many hours of intricate work.
RAID, 2005; Borgward Isabella Coupé, Baujahr 1959
Figure 1
Open showroom
Trentino Classic
Trentino Classic, 2004
Trentino Classic, 2004; Mercedes 220S Ponton Cabrio, Baujahr 1956
Figure 2
ORW, Wiesbaden
20. Oldtimer Rallye des Hesse Motor Sports Club, Wiesbaden, 2003
20. Oldtimer Rallye des Hesse Motor Sports Club, Wiesbaden, 2003, Borgward Isabella Coupé, Baujahr 1959
Figure 3
27. Internationales Oldtimer Meeting Baden-Baden, 2003
27. Internationales Oldtimer Meeting Baden-Baden, 2003, Isabella Coupé Carbiolet
Figure 4


18 - 21 August 2005 - Switzerland - Paris

The old-timer rally through Switzerland and France is both a sports competition and a tourist pleasure ride for its participants: cruising through France in one's own old-timer together with like-minded company. One of the highlights of this trip, too, is the concours d'élégance.

Bearing start number 40, this Borgward Isabella Coupé, model 1959 (Figure 1), which was restored by Automobiliar Schreiber, came third in the category of post-war vehicles before 1960.

ADAC Trentino Classic

1 - 5 October 2004 - Riva del Garda

The ADAC Trentino Classic is not an old-timer race. Car enthusiasts and connaisseurs meet up for old-timer touring. Leisurely and in the heart of nature, round trips are made through the beautiful landscapes of the Trentino, and other participants and their vehicles are watched and admired. The highlight of this event is without a doubt the Concorso d'Eleganza at the Piazza Duomo in Trento. The historical square in front of the cathedral provides the ideal setting for these old-timer jewels.

The interested audience may indulge in awe and admiration, the expert jury must award cups in three age classes. Bearing start number 31, the Mercedes 220S Ponton Cabrio, model 1956 (Figure 2), which had been restored by Automobiliar Schreiber, participated in the ADAC Trentino Classic and came second.

20th International Old-timer Rally, Wiesbaden

Old-timer Rally of the Hesse Motor Sports Club

From 19 to 22 June 2003, the classic "ORW" celebrated its 20th anniversary. Thousands of old-timer fans admire about 180 automobile jewels every year. This year, a Borgward Isabella Coupé Cabriolet, model 1959 (Figure 4), restored by Automobiliar Schreiber, set off bearing number 143. Spontaneous applause went up, when this rare Isabella appeared on the scene of the concours d'élégance

After passing the finishing line, Klaus Wiegmann from Taunusstein, the owner of the Borgward Isabella, received the Adam Henkell Cup for the most beautiful post-war old-timer. In its edition of 23 June 2003, the Rhein Main Presse writes of a "decision of the hearts", as this silver Borgward Isabella had obviously tapped the pulse of the audience.

27th International Old-timer Meeting at Baden-Baden

23 and 24 August 2003, Kurgarten

350 old-timers and automobile classics made their way to the valley of Oos and turned the Kaiserallee and the Kurgarten into a huge open air museum. In addition to the many regular guests, newcomers arrived from all over the world. Car enthusiasts travelled from Moscow, Stockholm, Prague and Paris to enjoy the special flair of this international event. Apart from the old-timers, it is extraordinary wines that this reunion is also about. People meet to enjoy life and the pleasures of life. In the programme for the old-timer meeting, the organizer, Jean-Marc Culas, mentions the great "Bs", such as Baden wines, Bordeaux wines or Baden-Baden. "B" for Borgward should be added. A Borgward Isabella Coupé Cabriolet (Fig. 5), restored by Automobiliar Schreiber, took part in the concours d'élégance as number 199 and came second.