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Every customer receives a documentation file which records every step of work done on the vehicle. On this page, you will find some examples of extracts from documentation we have prepared for our customers.
Isabella restoration, Figure 1
Figure 1
Isabella restoration, Figure 2
Figure 2
Isabella restoration, Figure 3
Figure 3
Isabella restoration, Figure 4
Figure 4
Isabella restoration, Figure 5
Figure 5
Isabella restoration, Figure 6
Figure 6
Isabella restoration, Figure 7

Isabella Coupé Cabriolet, model 1960

The vehicle was completely dismantled. The floor assembly was separated, put onto a mobile original factory frame and sandblasted. The restoration included the replacement of longitudinal frame girders, standing walls with special joining sheets and the floor sheets.

You can still see (see figure 2) the original conversion made by Deutsch for body reinforcement, such as a folding top box with rests for the folding top frame, the double floor assembly underneath the seat area, joints, foot compartment left and right. In those days, it was rare that a lined folding top could be completely stowed away in the body (Figure 3). The deep construction of the top box permitted this convenience.

Figure 4 shows the profiled side-door screens (made of Sekurit glass) which had to be specially reproduced.

Varnished top frame, ready for mounting

The folding top frame was reproduced according to the original frame. To reconstruct the frame, a special bending, welding and drilling jig was prepared for all components. As the construction has to fold down entirely, a narrow dimensional tolerance is required.

Figure 6 shows the front bow, a sheet-metal pipe construction which resembles the original. From 1960 on, sheet-metal pipe bows replaced beech wood bows.

Figure 7 shows the folding top when completely saddled and mounted at the body in half-open position. You can see the making of the saddler works for the roof with its inner lining, horsehair padding and Sonnenland top fabric.

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