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Our best references are the letters and postcards we repeatedly receive from our customers. A small selection of the mail that has reached us in the last few years will be presented on this page.
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In January 2006, we received the following letter:

Dear Mr. Schreiber,
for more than 1 1/2 years, I have proudly owned an Isabella Coupé which was restored by you. Isabella seems to have greatly benefited from its "cure". In every situation, she performs wonderfully, trying to prove herself to everybody. The old lady from Bremen seems to have an overdose of charm. Whatever the case, she is the absolute star wherever she goes. Even young people who can't associate anything with the name Borgward are fascinated by this car.

With kind regards from Braunschweig
S.L. Ranti

In August 2004, we received the following fax:

Dear Mr. Schreiber,
[...] In June, we have been travelling Scandinavia for almost four weeks with friends and our Isabella. [...] She has neither grumbled nor mumbled, but bravely mounted every hill and valley, swallowed a mere 1 litre of oil in 5,500 km and an average of 10 ltrs. of petrol per 100 km. Good girl!

GŁnter Merten, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

In August 2003, we received the following postcard:

Dear Mr. Schreiber,

The Isabella created by you
has set new standards
amongst beautiful cars.

Best regards,
Klaus Wiegmann