Automobiliar Schreiber, Visual

Restore - drive - enjoy


We start a restoration project by dismantling the car entirely. To maintain an uncompromising high level of quality, we reassemble the vehicle from scratch. When doing so, we check every single component - from bolt to body.

Exclusive service - as the customer desires

Would you like to listen to your Doris Day song collection when cruising along in the heated seats of your freshly restored Borgward Isabella Coupé Cabriolet? If you so wish, we can even integrate an iPod into your car, concealed by an original radio fascia. It goes without saying that you will have a say in more than just the paintwork and the seat covers. In fact, you are welcome to influence every detail of the restoration process. Besides originality, road safety always has a priority. We will integrate brake boosters and convert the voltage supply to 12 volt using a generator. Every car that leaves the workshop of Automobiliar Schreiber is an exclusive and unique piece of work.

Step by step

Every customer receives detailed documentation on every step of the restoration process. Every step is documented in words and pictures:

The car body alone requires about 1,000 hours of work. Complete restoration takes up to 3,000 hours. Automobiliar Schreiber has handled such a work load for 60 restored automobiles. 20 complete restorations were performed on Borgward Isabella Coupés, a further 25 on Borgward Isabella Coupé Cabriolets. Thanks to these projects, Automobiliar Schreiber has acquired a level of competence which is unmatched in the automobile world. Restoration isn't but a job to us - it is our passion.