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Our spare parts catalogue

Almost all of the following parts were elaborately reproduced by us in their original form and function.
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Of course, this is but a small extract from our spare parts repertoire. Whatever your needs, we are at your service. Why not give us a call!

In addition, we provide an almost all-embracing drive component supply - from the front and rear axle parts to engine and brake spares as well as components for the 6V/12V car electrics.


List of spare parts

Name Price in euros
Body reinforcement edges (original size), red, ivory-coloured, black, silver 4.30
Front and rear screen sealing rubber for Coupé 10.80/m
Joint profile for quarter vent to the body (coupé and saloon model) 6.20/m
Joint profile for quarter vent, Coupé, between glass and aluminium frame (U-profile) 5.70/m
Joint profile for quarter vent, Coupé, at the aluminium frame in the groove 6.00/m
Handle guard for door lining (in GRP), varnished 39.50
Vent channel connection piece, Coupé, in GRP, instead of cardboard part 65.00
15-part set of wooden railing ledges, Coupé, blank parts ready for varnishing or veneering 495.00
15-part set of wooden railing ledges, Coupé, walnut-veneered and varnished (delivery time: 1-2 months) 1,520.00
Door screens, Coupé Cabriolet (following Messrs. Deutsch), shaded in green 780.00/set
Dome lining for Coupé with steel sliding roof 130.00
Dome lining for Coupé without steel sliding roof 105.00
Cable loom for Coupé (in every original colour and diameter) (also suitable for TS saloon model) 430.00
Folding top frame for Coupé Cabriolet, replica of the original (following Messrs. Deutsch), (delivery time: approx. 2 months) 2,500.00
Frame side member, Isabella Saloon and Coupé (with reinforcement and recess for car jack) 204.00
Rocker arms, Coupé, chrome-plated brass (delivery time: approx. 1 month) 620.00